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The British Population Survey (BPS) provides 'reference' up to date data on the population of Great Britain.

It can be used for insight, segmentation, modelling and as a means of better understanding and interpreting on line survey results.

Data is gathered by actualy going out and talking to people in their own homes, between 6,000 and 8,000 of them every month (over 80,000 individuals per year). This means that we capture a robust and complete picture of the total population (both those on-line and off-line).

BPS also collects data on what influences people in their choice of brand or retailor, their future purchase intentions, marketing channel receptability and their financial mood.

The data is coded with 11 different segmentation models  and can be applied to an organisations own segments to provide a far deeper up to date understanding of their composition and preferences. We call this Segment Intelligence.


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